Podiatry Medical Billing

The feet serve as the body’s cornerstone, providing assistance and support during daily tasks like walking, running, and standing. Neglecting foot issues can cause inflammation, pain, and even debilitation, so the demand for podiatry medical services is growing. Podiatry services are vital since they specialize in evaluating, managing, and preventing foot and ankle disorders. Podiatry billing and coding can be burdensome for podiatrists, so it’s advisable to outsource podiatry billing companies.

What are Podiatry Billing Services?

Podiatry billing and coding are specialized medical billing services designed specifically for podiatrists. These services offer both monetary and administrative assistance to podiatrists to ensure effective podiatry revenue cycle management. Outsourcing billing requirements to expert podiatry billing company podiatrists can save time and money, ultimately boosting revenue.

Why Choose us?

24/7 service

We submit claims to insurance companies and other payers on behalf of our clients, ensuring that all necessary information is included and that claims are submitted in a timely manner.

100% compliance with HIPAA regulations

We work with providers to appeal denied claims and ensure that they receive the reimbursement they are entitled to.

No rejections

We work with providers to accurately capture all charges for services rendered, including CPT codes, ICD-10 codes, and modifiers.

Skilled technicians

We post payments from insurance companies and other payers to the provider's accounts, ensuring that they are accurately reflected in their financial records.

Follow-up services

We work with providers to manage their accounts receivable and ensure that they receive timely payment for services rendered.

Podiatry Billing Codes: CPT and ICD-10 Codes

Accurate coding and billing are imperative to ensure that claims are correctly filed and documentation proceeds according to regulations. Podiatry billing services allow podiatrists to code for services provided to patients accurately. It’s noteworthy to remember that codes are updated frequently and revised, so being current on the most recent coding requirements is critical to ensuring correct billing and reimbursement. Here are the most common and latest codes used in podiatry medical coding.

CPT Codes
  • 11720-11721- Nails debridement
  • 11750- Permanent toenail removal
  • 97597- Open wound debridement
  • 97760 – Orthotic training
  • 17110 – Wart/Lesion removal
  • 28270-28285 Toe deformities correction
ICD-10 Codes
  • R60.9 – Unspecified edema
  • R60.1 – Generalized edema
  • M79.671 – Right foot pain
  • M20. 11 – Hallux valgus
  • S93.401A – Ankle/foot ligament sprain
  • S92.302A – Dislocation of the first metatarsophalangeal joint
  • M77.31 – Plantar fasciitis

How we improve revenue streams for podiatrists?

Choosing MDVitals for your Podiatry billing needs offers a number of advantages over other providers. Here are just a few ways to increase revenue for cardiologists

Experienced Team

Our billing and coding experts utilized the latest billing software and technology to speed up doctor revenue and insurance coverage for podiatry medical billing services.


Our team takes into consideration the particular requirements and needs of podiatrists well as provides them with customized podiatry revenue cycle management and methods for enhancing reimbursement

Billing Ease

Besides providing precise and successful billing and coding services, our team provides thorough financial evaluation and monitoring to podiatrists to find streamlined financial operations

Claim Compliance

Podiatry medical billing and coding regulations are constantly upgrading quickly; staying updated with the latest regulations is essential. Our team stays updated with all the latest coding trends to ensure that claims are compliant

Maximize your revenue with MDVitals

With MDvitals, you can make a start towards simplifying your practice’s claims processing management. Our knowledgeable billing staff expert in podiatry billing services is committed to increasing your profits while reducing operational strain. Allow us to assist you in focusing on what you do best: providing excellent patient care while we manage the remainder. Contact us instantly to book an appointment and learn more about our customized billing solutions

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